I want two girls in hyderbad pk for my own business?

Answer Danananannananana batman!

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I want to stop wearing glasses because I think it stops the girls liking me but don't want to wear contact....?

I had the same issue as you. Unfortunatly your eyes will never adjust themselves to have good vision on their own. You can help train them to be a little better though. There are books and charts y... Read More »

I think I want to try girls. I'm gay?

That's natural so of course, go for it. I understand, I get turned on by girls and I'm a girl so I want to try it out. Why not? You might even like how girls feel better in the end. Plus, you can a... Read More »

You want to worship a girls feet?

Why do teen girls want to get pregnant?

Because they feel that they do not get enough attention and so they want someone to care for them unconditionally. They think having a baby is "cute". They want someone to love and to have someon... Read More »