I want to.....pls answer.....*thumbs up to each answer*?

Answer Search for the movie using then you need to have a P-2-P client like bit lord or similar to download the torrent, then the codec necessary to play it

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1-4: Circle the letter beside the one best answer to each question(5 points each)?

1) C2)C3) I DON'T KNOW 4)AI'm not sure on Canada laws.

BRACES PAIN PLEASE HELP 1 pt each good answer 10 pts best answer?

Try: Pain relievers such as Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen just mild pain killers, make sure youre not allergic to it. Eating soft foods. Try to gargle with warm saline(salt in water) for a few min... Read More »

Any network engineers want to answer a few simple questions for 10best answer points Basically interviewing u?

What duties do you do in this current job?My current job profile is to handle Technical problems related to hardware & networking. It includes Operating System installation, application installatio... Read More »

How do I convince my aunt to visit me My uncle n her divorced years ago n they still see each other but I miss her so much and I want her to see me more often n i want to spend more time with her?

Just tell Her that you miss her and that you want her to come someday ....