I want to work with children?

Answer oh wow, great idea- you'll always have a job!like an earlier poster says....there's so many options for you to consider, so take your time and paddle in the shallow waters of working with children ... Read More »

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What can two children ages 15 and 10 do if they've been abused by mom's boyfriend and judge denies a restraining order of protectionare with non-custodial father but children want to live with father?

Answer Being that those kids are of school age, if they talk to counselors at school, the counselors have to report the abuse. They have no choice. Or when the abuse happens, the kids need to dial... Read More »

Can a woman who lives in Florida move out of state with her children without her husband's consent if they are still married when he does not want to be away from his children?

Answer Yes, you can legally just move... as long as no court order has been established with regard to custody / residence of the children, you are their parent and can move wherever you wish with ... Read More »

I work in a day nursery with young children how can the setting support vulnerable children and families?

Well, bullying can be as simple as lightly teasing someone to make other people laugh. Have you done that before?

Do you want children if youve got children how many and do you want more?

i have 2 boys aged 7 and 3, i so much want a girl, but so scared to as ive gotten used to life being easier!!