I want to work on two files at the same time using two monitors. How do I do this?

Answer as previously said, most new graphics cards over the past year have two video outputs, so you can use 2 monitors.if you go down this path, it would be in your best intrest to try and use 2 of the s... Read More »

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Can i drag files if I have setup dual monitors using a VGA cable If yes kindly assist me with to configure.?

Of course you can drag files. Dragging files is a feature of the operating system, not of the display driver.

Can I use two different monitors for my PC at the same time?

What does response time mean with LCD monitors?

The response time on an LCD (liquid crystal display) monitor is how fast the monitor shows moving images. Images on a display are made of pixels; the response time tells you how fast those pixels m... Read More »

How do lcd monitors work?

LCD, or liquid crystal display, monitors have become the standard display for computers. They are versatile display devices built in a variety of sizes, making them perfect for the different applic... Read More »