I want to work at starbucks but i have some questions?

Answer 1) I got $8.00 an hour and after 6 months you get what they call a review, and if you do good then you'll get a raise.2) Part time is generally 20-30 hrs/week3) Sure you can. There is someone at my... Read More »

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A few questions about Starbucks iced teas?

1. You can, but most people don't do that.2. I'm in NY, and it costs around $2-$2.50 for either (not sure if that will help you).3. Most people get a green tea lemonade or a passion tea lemonade. I... Read More »

Does the starbucks secret menu work in the UK?

Work for Starbucks or Beans & Brews?

I'd chose Beans & Brews. What do you expect to get at Starbucks?

If you work at Starbucks or know about the icon/city/state mugs, answer this question?

In Montreal, I saw the icon series around December/January at certain starbucks. I've never seen the new you are here series and I go to Starbucks everyday ...Did you try online or on Ebay/craigsli... Read More »