I want to watch free anime, any good websites?

Answer I use Hulu**note: Hulu doesn't have every anime but they do have lots. they don't always have everything updated (it all depends on whether they can get rights to the videos) but they have the mor... Read More »

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Where can i watch anime on nexus 7 like hd i want to put the graphics to work.?

the best choices are either Netflix or Hulu Plusthey have a huge database of anime streamingI have about 150 movies & TV shows in my Netflix queue currently and a large amount of it is animemost "f... Read More »

Where is a good place to watch anime?

Well if you want to watch the anime in Dubbed, then I would recommend: the adds on the sides are awkward...)There is also Subbed anime:http://www... Read More »

What website or websites can i watch free movies on Please help?

What are some good websites to watch Animes? (Free) (Sometimes $) (Obviously)btw, I LOVE HETALIA!!!!!!!! (Go USUK!)