I want to use three monitors connected to my laptop?

Answer My advice is you buy a device such as the Matrox TripleHead2Go. This will allow you to connect 3 monitors up using only one output from your laptop. However, these units are somewhat expensive. Pos... Read More »

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Would baby wipes be good for cleaning laptop monitors and/or regular monitors?

I wouldn't try it, you may damage the screen. I bought some wipes from wal mart. They aren't expensive, only a couple of dollars. They are called Nice'n clean. They come in a box of 24 and are in l... Read More »

Can i run three monitors?

On One Hand: Running Three MonitorsIt is possible to run three monitors on a computer if you have two graphics cards. Most graphics cards come with two output connections. They will be configured w... Read More »

How to Set Up XP to Run Three Monitors?

Never squint at a small screen again by increasing the size of your desktop to fit across three computer monitors. Windows XP has a feature to allow for the use of up to 10 monitors on a single com... Read More »

Three Types of Monitors?

Few people have actually taken the time to analyze the monitors they use either at home, school or at their work place. What concerns people mainly is the cost and size of the computer monitor they... Read More »