I want to use my microphone and get my voice on the speakers! how do I do this ?

Answer simple go to your volume settings (the speaker icon in the taskbar) double click and and uncheck the mute box underneath the microphone setting and turn the volume down so it doesnt feed back on yo... Read More »

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How can you run speakers snd headphones at a timei want to hear the voice from speakers as well as headphone at a time?

Yes, you can use normal headphones with an electronic drum kit. All you have to do is locate the headphone output on the electronic drum module, also known as the brain and plug in the headphones. ... Read More »

How can I record my voice on Windows XP without a microphone?

It is impossible to record YOUR voice on any computer without a microphone. Mics are cheap, under $5 on eBay. If using a microphone is out of the question, then you can use a mobile device like a c... Read More »

Is there a microphone that can change the voice of the speaker?

Can you use the built-in microphone for the PSP-3000 for MSN Voice Chat?

Yes. Use the PSP-3000's built-in microphone for voice-chat, including MSN voice-chat. You need no external equipment. Some users, however, have reported trouble using the system's camera for video ... Read More »