I want to update my computer?

Answer Let's see, AMD Athlon 6400 processor with a 160GB hard drive, and 512MB of RAM. Of course it's possible. The processor is fine. You can upgrade your hard disk to a bigger capacity, say 250GB, but I... Read More »

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I bought a computer on 1998 and doesn't want to work well anymore. Is it better to update it or buy another?

Buy a new one - it's MUCH cheaper than updating a computer that old!

I want to update my facebook chat emotions?

the image in Facebook page : "Facebook tips , tricks and hacks". If the profile image you want to apply in the Facebook chat window then it is very simple. You just find out the end name . In this ... Read More »

Im a dj and want to expand into photography and video. I want to do it all with one computer. So PC or Mac?

One answer says it all. You get more bang-for-the-buck with a Mac when it comes to desktop publishing, photo, movie and audio production. As one answer said, there is a reason why the software work... Read More »

I want a new computer with Windows Vista. I want lots of storage.?

Take a visit to Dell's website or call their reps. You can literally customize any type of computer to fit your need. Vista comes standard.