I want to turn vegaterian what do i do?

Answer It is a great desicion, no matter what your reasons are, you will be doing a great favor to our planet. I would suggest to get a vegetarian book, in there you can find what equivalent you need to e... Read More »

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If i am a vegaterian is it ok to eat fish and or eggs?

Is Parmesan cheese vegaterian safe?

They're not lying, that law suit waiting to happen would simply cost them a whole lot more than they have to gain by lying. So basically you can trust the enlightened self-interest of the company n... Read More »

If approaching car has turn signal on when you are stopped, do you turn or wait to see if the car will turn t?

You should wait and never assume anything while driving....

What is the name/artist of the song 'Turn it up, turn it up, turn up the radio, NOW NOW NOW...'?

Electric Stiletto - Turn Up The RadioI was just looking for it too and found it :3