I want to try sushi....any suggestions?

Answer SUSHI is NOT RAW FISH!People get sushi and sashimi mixed up. Sushi is the rice, it is slightly sweet and salty at the same time. Sashim is raw fish.Sushi can include raw fish but it can also be ric... Read More »

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Any tea suggestions?

go to starbucks get an iced passion iced tea lemonadeyoull love it get a lemon pound cake or another snack to go with it and your set

Suggestions please?

Any suggestions for a bar name?

I threw out a few suggestions in your other question....but I just thought....... The Plank Corner Cove

Do you have any suggestions?

If they are pecking hole in the wood siding, you have a bigger problem then the woodpeckers. You have either a termite or ant or some kind of bug that eats wood. Once you get rid of the bug problem... Read More »