I want to try sushi for the first time?

Answer Virtually all sushi tastes great dipped in soy sauce, but I usually like to eat it plain. There aren't a lot of other sauces to dip sushi in. You're usually given wasabi (green in color) and pickle... Read More »

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Going to try sushi for the first time?

Try cucumber rolls (seaweed, rice, cucumber), California rolls are good too (usually avocado, imitation crab, seaweed, rice). Also, try Ebi (sweet cooked shrimp, seaweed, rice). If you are truly a... Read More »

I want to try sushi....any suggestions?

SUSHI is NOT RAW FISH!People get sushi and sashimi mixed up. Sushi is the rice, it is slightly sweet and salty at the same time. Sashim is raw fish.Sushi can include raw fish but it can also be ric... Read More »

I want to make Sushi, how do I sterilize the fish?

Hon, you don't "sterilize" fish. You buy "sushi grade" fish and use it the same day. RAW........that's sushi. Don't plan on buying sushi grade fish at Safeway, Albertson's PigglyWiggly or any othe... Read More »

How was you're first sushi experience?

I started off with cucumber rolls and wasn't exactly fond of them but I didn't hate sushi so I started to branch off into different varieties and now my favorite has to be the Caterpillar roll at m... Read More »