I want to try Indian Food, what should I order ?

Answer Malai Kofta, Lamb Korma and the BEST of all BUTTER CHICKEN!! Butter chicked is so good, i could literally live on it for the rest of my life. Also just make sure you get some rice to eat with the o... Read More »

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How to Order Indian Food?

Example of Indian FoodThis guide will hopefully tell you how to Order Indian Food.

I'm going for an Indian tonight - what shall i order?

I would go with the Indian on the side of the road, who cries at all the trash on the side of the road.He looks so sad, and he looks like he needs a friend.

What shall I order from the Indian tonight?

POLL: Indian Food OR Chinese Food?

I have chinese blood but are you kidding me Indian food is the best in my opinion. Chinese food is usually so oily and have that salty aftertaste and whats up with pork and shrimp as their main ing... Read More »