I want to transfer video from my camcorder to laptop.?

Answer With no port and no expansion slot (PCMCIA or ExpressCard), there is no way to add a firewire (IEEE1394a, DV, i.LINK all the same thing) port.USB-firewire converter adapters will not work.The ONLY ... Read More »

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Is it possible to transfer video from a "quasar palmcorder VHSC" camcorder to my laptop?

Simplest thing to do is buy a VCR/DVD recorder combo.Put the small VHS-C tape into a VHS tape adapter. Put into the VCR. Put DVD-R disc into DVD recorder side. Push Record for DVD recorder. Push Pl... Read More »

How can i transfer a video from a camcorder to pc?

We don't have the technology yet for such tasks

Can I import video on a MininDv from my Camcorder through an S-Video conection on my laptop?

Most S-video connections on a laptop are for output to a TV monitor. You cannot import video through this. Normally high speed video is not sent through USB. The snapshots taken with the camcorder ... Read More »

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