I want to teach a five yr old about money, any suggestions?

Answer The best way to make him understand $$ is to make it personal to him. Everytime you get an opportunity let him go to the store with you, let him handle the money. Once he understands that $ buys g... Read More »

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Any suggestions on tools to use to teach my 3 year old?

I would suggest putting away the workbooks and flash cards for now as she may become bored with academics quickly. Read, read, read to her. My son's favorite read aloud at that age was Charlotte'... Read More »

Ok im 15 and i want to get a job,but everyone is hiring 16+ and i need the money, any suggestions?

Here's a short list of jobs which you can create to generate income:1. Learn calligraphy so that you can provide handwritten invitations and thank you notes to prospective wedding parties, birthday... Read More »

Suggestions for Increasing My Money?

Increase your income in challenging financial times by thinking outside typical expectations and utilizing creativity to come up with solutions that generate additional income slowly and consistent... Read More »

My boyfriend needs bones grafts and we don't have the money to get them. Any suggestions?

Contact your county's Social Services department.Also call your County's Court House to see if there is a crime victim's fund - Boston has one and if you qualify they will give you some money.