I want to take some lanscape pics under the full moon with my digi camera.?

Answer I use and recommend this site for low-light exposures: you choose the Scene 'Landscape lit by full moon' and ISO 800 a 15 second exposure at f4.0 is sugges... Read More »

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What do I do when the Hannah Montana digi cam reads 65 pics, but program says there's none on the camera?

You can go to the camera in Windows, and get them manually. EDIT: My computer/removable disk (any letter), and there should be pictures. If not, then you should take it back to the store. Hope I co... Read More »

If you have pics taken on a cannon camera on a SD card and want to use your samsung camera to load through onto your PC why can you not get a preview of the pics?

Answer The photos are stored in a propriatary format to the camera. Only the camera can modulate and demodulate the file to and from a computer.

What is the best SLR digi camera for beginners?

Whats the cheapest i should try to get a digi camera at?

I'm looking for the same thing for my daughter. The day after Thanksgiving, I expect to get a decent one for about $100. Don't buy a cheapo one. I bought my daughter a $30 one at Walmart one year... Read More »