I want to take a picture of myself naked...?

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I took a picture of myself naked and sent it. now everyone has it helpp!!?

Unless you can somehow get everyone's phone and delete the picture yourself, there's really nothing you can do. You should NEVER send promiscuous pictures to someone via text, email, etc. for exact... Read More »

How can I take a picture of myself on my laptop?

Hallo your computer has a webcam hence there is nothing hard ,its just being present /in front of the webcam and click the capture option.

How do you take a picture of a dog that doesn't want to look at the camera?

turn it off flash so it doesn't burn their eyes, hold up a treat,call their name, and take the picture One way I've found with pets (cats especially, but it works fairly well with dogs too) is to w... Read More »

Has anyone ever taken stitches out at home My daughter has 3 stitches and I want to take them out myself.?

Its easy. When the wound has healed up simply use a pair of small scissors and clip the stitches. Then you can easily remove them with tweezers. It should not hurt if the wound is healed properly. ... Read More »