I want to switch phone?

Answer no

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Is it a bad idea to get rid of my land line phone and switch to cable/ internet phone?

Can't beat having a hardwired landline.They are still available cheap. No bells and whistles under $25.00.If you have service problems or complaints, they have to resolve them ASAP, try that with ... Read More »

How to Switch a Cell Phone From One Phone Company to Another in Canada?

Since 2007, Canadians can transfer their current phone number when they switch cell phone companies. This change has given consumers the freedom to find the best plan to suit their needs without th... Read More »

My phone has a switch "P/T" next to "ON/OFF" switch. What does it mean?

P/T, excatly what everyone said.Even if you have tone service, and want to hear the old clicking like with a rotary phone (p-pulse), it will still work.Not trying to repeat what everyone else said,... Read More »

Can I switch my phone for a new one?

You could buy the S4 and put your Sim card in it. But since you have a two year contract with your s3 you may get charged if you were to deactivate that contract. I recommend going and speaking wit... Read More »