I want to sue YOUTUBE, for an offensive video , How do i go about doing this?

Answer the oldest trick in the book...tricking people into viewing your videos so you can have more views.....dumb.

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I want to download a youtube video onto my phone, how can i do this?

Use - and choose .3gp as your file format.

You want to find out if your cousin is related to you by DNA test how would you go about doing this and the cheapest way?

Do chorse and dust and vaccum her room and try not to make her mad at u i have a phone and i did all thoughs things to get a phone and if u whant one try these steps first

I want to do YouTube videos and have several questions about it (I'm new to all this)?

1) so... use a short tripod, like…A stack of books works, too.2) Since the Sony HDR-CX220 does not have a mic jack, there is no way to connect an external ... Read More »

Can someone tell me what is so funny about this video on Youtube?

WOW, that is the dumbest thing I've ever seen!