I want to submit my link on wikipedia :(?

Answer Exactly, I'm doing this as well. I've created an account with wikipedia and started it. Yet, I have the under progress thing so it is not out in the public just yet. But this is ussually allowed. J... Read More »

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How to Submit a Link to a Web Directory?

A web directory is nothing but a collection of websites that allow webmasters to submit their site. A Web directory is a site where different links are categorized under different categories. It is... Read More »

How to Submit a Link and Add a URL for Free?

Submit a link and add a URL for free to get the word out about your website. Many of the web's top search engines and directories offer webmasters the ability to submit their website's link to them... Read More »

Does anyone know how to submit information to wikipedia?

Well, Stormy, it isn't easy, and fraught with potential perils and portents. Your best bet is to simply email the information you want to submit to a completely random admin or editor, and hope tha... Read More »

How can I submit an article to be peer reviewed on wikipedia?

Have you tried all the avenues suggested at:…?But before you act: are you sure this will achieve what you want? In my experience discussions at Wikipedia c... Read More »