I want to study in USA or canada ( master in law ) ?

Answer Work until you got $10,000 US then we could talk about it.

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How many Japanese students study in Canada?

In 2008 there were 3,630 foreign students from Japan in Canada. According to data collected by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Japan was behind South Korea, China, France, and the U.S. as a sou... Read More »

How do you obtain a student scholarship to study in United Kingdom and Canada?

Yes, but typically the person responsible for the equipment insures it. If they have an accident that harms your camera, you would probably want them to make a claim instead of you so your claim hi... Read More »

Where do you start if you want to study law?

In order to get into law school, you need to complete an undergraduate degree. Popular majors for law school applicants include political science, history, English and philosophy. You will need a h... Read More »

Want to study in Australia but finance problem?

G'day,The 2 answerers above really sounds fishy. Please DO NOT give your personal details to them AT ALL thru the internet, unless you trust the person very well. If you do, and it turns out that... Read More »