I want to store all the photos on my phone on to my computer and make space on my phone.?

Answer There are different ways of doing that depending upon the feature of your phone: 1. USB Cable : You can use a USB port and connect your phone to your computer and copy all the required data.2. SD C... Read More »

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How do I get photos from my deactivated phone onto my computer?

On the cell phone I use for work, a Motorola Titanium, there's a setting that tells the phone what to do when it's plugged into a computer. It's under 'Settings,' 'USB.'Maybe your phone has a simil... Read More »

How can you send photos from your computer to a phone?

1~ plug your phone in the computer2~find your photo3~drag and drop it ino your phone file (should be in My Computer) under the photos sectiontip: read the instruction manualcomment: this may not wo... Read More »

How do you transfer photos from old phone to computer to iPhone?

1. Transfer old photos from phone to computer in a folder. 2. Connect your iPhone to iTunes. 3. On the "Photos" tab in the iPhone device page in iTunes, select sync Photos. 4. Now select the fol... Read More »

How do i sync photos from my samsung phone to my computer?

YOU cant lukey boy ;) get a memory sitck and sling it into your hard drive my son