I want to stop wearing makeup but...?

Answer If it's your spots that are bothering you just try to get rid of them. I use this neutrogena gel stuff you put on the spots and it reduces them a lot! Drink loads of water too and eat healthy :) oh... Read More »

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Im 13 help!! How can I stop wearing so much makeup?

you should stop wearing make up, give your face a breather (literally), and try and do something to get rid of you acne first. the only thing you should be wearing for your age (face-wise) is mois... Read More »

What will happen if all women stop wearing makeup?

there would be alot of ugly b*tches running around

How to Stop My Eyes From Tearing & Burning When Wearing Makeup?

When your eyes begin to tear and burn after applying makeup, it can mean that you are suffering from an allergic reaction to the brand of makeup you are wearing. There are different ways to remedy ... Read More »

Who thinks all women should stop wearing makeup and doing their hair?

Women wear makeup. And they are not gonna stop so no matter how much we all talk about this its not gonna stop.I dont see the big issue here. I mean seriously,I wear makeup. You ask why? Its becaus... Read More »