I want to stop wearing makeup but...?

Answer If it's your spots that are bothering you just try to get rid of them. I use this neutrogena gel stuff you put on the spots and it reduces them a lot! Drink loads of water too and eat healthy :) oh... Read More »

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I want to stop wearing glasses because I think it stops the girls liking me but don't want to wear contact....?

I had the same issue as you. Unfortunatly your eyes will never adjust themselves to have good vision on their own. You can help train them to be a little better though. There are books and charts y... Read More »

I want to start wearing makeup what do I do?

Well if you are just starting to wear make up, I would go simple, until you get the hang of it :)Start off with mascara, I prefer L'oreal Voluminous million lashes which can be purchased at any dru... Read More »

Im 13 help!! How can I stop wearing so much makeup?

you should stop wearing make up, give your face a breather (literally), and try and do something to get rid of you acne first. the only thing you should be wearing for your age (face-wise) is mois... Read More »

What will happen if all women stop wearing makeup?

there would be alot of ugly b*tches running around