I want to stop receiving facebook messages from that person?

Answer There is no such option but you can click on chat box > settings button > Advanced Settings > Then click on Turn on chat for all friends except... > type the name.> Save.This will not show you onli... Read More »

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How do i stop receiving notifications for someone on facebook without defriending them?

How can i stop a person seeing status updates on facebook?

this is all in new facebook, don't know if its different in old facebook...go to privacy settingsthen profilethen there should be a drop down menu of status updatesclick on customizethen you can bl... Read More »

I keep sending the same Facebook message to the same person, and it WON'T STOP! How do I fix it?

How do I stop myself from seeing this person in the Friends section of my Facebook wall?

in short, you cant, you already have a history with them - so facebook predicts that you would like to keep interacting with them - that's how those top 9 people are chosen