I want to stay healthy, what is a good eating plan, i weight 110 but i have acne?

Answer I have had acne since I was 11. I went vegan 4 months ago, and while it didn't go away, it did get better. Cut out all artificial, overly processed foods (except for a once-in-a-great-while treat) ... Read More »

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I want to work out an loose weight an be healthy but I just have SO MUCH to do!?

Firstly start off by keeping healthy diet... it will make a huge difference trust me because that's what i'm doing at the moment just eat healthy foods and see the difference plus lay off the fizzy... Read More »

What all should I include in my diet so that I have good energy levels throughout the day and stay healthy ?

Breakfast :- a cup of Coffee or Assam tea or Cylon(Srilanka) Green tea(Polyphenols in it are good anti-oxidants)--Idli medium size 3 or 4 with onion chutney(No Total fat/no trans fat--NoCholeterol-... Read More »

How to Begin a Healthy Eating Plan?

If you are like millions of people worldwide, you may have added some extra pounds over the years. The time has come to shed those pounds and get fit. You need to exercise and follow a healthy eati... Read More »

How to Plan a Healthy Eating Menu when Hosting a Dinner?

We all at one time or another end up having to host friends or extended family for dinner. It’s essential to plan a healthy eating menu forehand as different people are at different nutritional l... Read More »