I want to stay awake for 3 or 4 days straight ?

Answer The key to staying up for a long period of time, is not preparing for it, but in fact, all you have to do is keep yourself occupied.DO NOT DO ANY OF THE FOLLOWING:1. Read2. Watch television while s... Read More »

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How to Stay Awake at Least 24 Hours Straight?

So you want to have a contest to stay awake the longest. Want to watch all of the Simpsons Episodes? Or you have to do that 100,000 word essay in two days? Now you can stay awake.

What will happen if I stay awake for 4 days?

After you stay awake for a few days you'll start seeing things and hearing things that aren't really there, I used to do it all them time cause of insomnia, It's like taking acid , but I prefer sle... Read More »

How to Stay Up For Three Days Straight?

So you have a busy life, and don't have enough time to do everything that you need to do. Well to get more done you have to be awake. This article shows you how to stay up for up to three days stra... Read More »

How to Stay up for 2 Days Straight?

Soda pop is a great way to stay up all night!You've stayed up all night, and now you need to stay up for 2 days. Here is how