I want to stay a virgin until I'm married?

Answer Who cares what others think...?It's your life.I applaud your choice and rational.Good for you.

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How to Stay a Virgin?

Choosing to remain a virgin until marriage is a respectable personal decision for either sex. There are many good reasons for pledging to wait until marriage to have sex, including protecting your ... Read More »

I'm a 47 year old virgin. Do I still have to wait till I'm married?

Well im not waiting for marriage.i'm waiting for whenever i'm positive i'm ready , and i know it'll be special. even if it's not someone i wanna marry, it can be someone i really like that's a good... Read More »

How to Stay Married?

This is a simple yet extremely effective way to stay married for a lifetime. The benefits are tremendous and far-reaching.

How to Stay Married for Forty Years and Beyond?

This might help your marriage endure.It is also good for the newlyweds out there to have a think about what is ahead for your relationship.