I want to start making youtube videos?

Answer Just remember, the stuff you post online is permanent, so do not put anything out there you would not want people to see forever. Even when you take it down, someone can make a copy ;) Nothing wron... Read More »

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I want a good camera for making youtube videos.?

what kind of camera u need totally depends on what kind of video you are shooting... if ur shooting simple videos than a DSLR camera with capability of shooting 24-30 fps can help. DSLR cameras are... Read More »

What do you need to start making minecraft videos on YouTube?

Needed: 1. Fraps or any video game recorder.2. Windows Movie Maker or Camtasia (Camtasia is better)3. Minecraft loaded.4. A youtube channel.Then you just start recording with an F1-12 key and when ... Read More »

Making YouTube videos?

You can't increase the quality of your videos while still using ipod touch. You would need to buy a better quality camera.For starting out, the ipod touch camera should be fine, and you can upgrade... Read More »

Is making videos on YouTube safe?