I want to snoop on my wifes computer?

Answer Keylogger is a good one, but you have to be able to get in to install it. You could try the remote desktop connection (Vista Pro and XP Pro) as soon as you get the password so it doesn't log your o... Read More »

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Do computer techs snoop through your PC at the repair shop?

They do, and they talk about you to others. But you dont have to worry about them turning you in, because they are breaking the law as well. It is an invasion of your privacy for them to look at ... Read More »

Does snoop dog have a secret son?

no he has no "SECRET" sons. however he does have two sons called rook (nickname) and spank is the older one being the age of about 13-14 rook is 10-12. he also has a younger girl name Cory around ... Read More »

How do you adopt your wifes daughter?

If the biological father is living, you will probably need his written permission. Then, you file the adoption papers with the court. Use a lawyer to make sure everything is done correctly.

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