I want to shave my b*tt hair, does it hurt?

Answer Shaving the hair around your anus will not hurt. It will NOT grow back thicker like some people on here are telling you. The best thing to do is use a new razor. Use the Shick Intuition. It has the... Read More »

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Is it safe to shave underarm hair if pregnent i heard the razor can hurt the babby!?

Underarms are safe. Just don't shave your hoo ha, cause you might acksidently shave bubs little head!

Should I Shave My Hair Off?

dying your hair is horrible for it.. stop dying it so much! cut is really short, and then be patient and wait for it to grow back thick and healthy, and then when its long and healthy again, you ca... Read More »

How Do I Shave Men's Hair?

Shaving men's hair is pretty simple, barring the emotions involved. Some men opt for a shaved head simply because of the heat in the summer. Others may have religious or cultural reasons. Others st... Read More »

How do I shave the hair in my ***?

Get it waxed it's gonna be painful lol!…