I want to shave my b*tt hair, does it hurt?

Answer Shaving the hair around your anus will not hurt. It will NOT grow back thicker like some people on here are telling you. The best thing to do is use a new razor. Use the Shick Intuition. It has the... Read More »

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Is it safe to shave underarm hair if pregnent i heard the razor can hurt the babby!?

Underarms are safe. Just don't shave your hoo ha, cause you might acksidently shave bubs little head!

Why do men want women to shave their pubic hair?

I am a young woman with facal hair i dont want to shave it is there any tips on how to get rid of it?

bleach or cream removal. waxing also (might be a little painful tho)good luck with that it happens to lots of women

I want to get a tatoo but does it hurt?

I am sure it hurts. Just think long time. Will I be happy with it in 20 years time?