I want to sell on Ebay. Mostly trading cards. Do I need a camera or scanner How do I get pictures on Ebay?

Answer Hi - really good question! For flat objects, a scanner is your best bet - you can put your cards on there. And you can put DVD covers, VHS covers, etc on the scanner bed and you're done. As for t... Read More »

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What kind of camera do I need to take pictures of items i want to sell on ebay?

Just about any digital will work but you'll need to remember to use the lowest MP for j.peg downloading. I use my wife's Fuji S5000 set at 3MPs, so I would not recommend setting anything at 8MP or ... Read More »

How can i take good close-up pictures of jewellery with 5 mega pix digital camera, to sell on ebay.?

They should be OK in MACRO mode, that's what it's for. But try using zoom so you can get farther away from the subject. Then crop the shot in the computer.

Is it ethically wrong to sell an item on eBay that you just BOUGHT on eBay?

Of course its ok! I actually have two ids - one for buying and one for selling! Don't want my buyers to spot where I get stuff!!

Whats the best way for me to take pictures of smaller items i want to sell on Ebay?

I would set your camera to "Macro" or "Text" setting. Depending on the color of the objects, I would suggest a black or white background. I believe natural sunlight would be the best lighting as th... Read More »