I want to sell my computer- how can I COMPLETELY erase data on the hard drive?

Answer Yall don't understand. Data is never actually completely deleted from a hard drive. It is only greatly compressed down to a very small size. Professional programs can usually restore any data that ... Read More »

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How to completely erase a computer hard drive to remove all private data?

Data thieves don't have to be programming wizards to get their hands on your personal information. They often find hard drives that contain financial and other sensitive data at flea markets, chari... Read More »

How to completely erase data from hard drive?

if you're saying you are going to install vista on this hard drive and you don't want to save anything... that's easy... vista will do that during the installation... it's been a while since i did ... Read More »

So, how do I completely erase hard drive data?

The only way to erase hard drive data is to overwrite your hard drive with random information. WipeDrive deletes and writes random data over your entire hard drive. Using WipeDrive before getting r... Read More »

How do you completely erase data on hard drive?

Theres almost no guaranteed way to completely remove data. Even after deleting, a skilled techie could find your files. and even after writing over files they are still sometimes reachable. The Pen... Read More »