I want to scan my birth certificate and edit it. how do i do it?

Answer 1: Use a scanner to scan it in, the scanner's software on your computer (which usually comes on a disk with your scanner I believe).2: Open the resulting image file in an image editing program of y... Read More »

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How to Edit a Birth Certificate?

Mothers or fathers can easily make a mistake when they are completing their child's birth certificate information. Hospital staffers try to be accurate, but they can make a typo as well. If your ch... Read More »

Want to find a birth certificate for a family member to obtain their date of birth?

If they are living, you cannot, they have to apply for it.If they are deceased, contact the county that the relative was born in. They will be able to provide the appropriate form to allow you to g... Read More »

How to scan your birth certificate?

Put the document on the glass. Close the cover. Press the Scan button. The document will be saved to a computer that is connected to it. This is assuming that the scanner's driver is installed in t... Read More »

Where is the birth certificate number located on a Virginia birth certificate?

According to the Virginia Office of Vital Records, the State File Number (SFN) is the unique number printed on every birth certificate in the State of Virginia. The first three digits on the Virgin... Read More »