I want to run fast and have a fit athletic muscly body,10 points.?

Answer eat more, drink protein if you wantpushups are a chest exerciseif you want to be a fast runner, you need stamina and speed. run more and do short bursts (30 secs to 1 minute) of extremely fast runn... Read More »

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How to get a fit muscly athletic body and be a fast runner.?

run all day, everyday.. do some leg workouts'll give you more power to let yourself run faster, working abs is gonna help too cause of the chest rotation when runnning fast, unless you're a... Read More »

How much should you way if your a 9th grader, about 5'3 and not very "muscly"?

Well im in 10th grade but im about the same as i wss last year. Im 5"3 and 131 pounds. Ive never played sports but people always tell me im the perfect weight or how skinny i am. I literally dont w... Read More »

Act! 10.0 Question, 10 Fast points?

If you have not created a lot of data for that field, then it would be better to do an ADD instead of RENAMING an existing field..

How to get rid of belly fat fast 10 POINTS!!?

Exercise and diet.Exercise portion:-Cardio. Biking,walking,running,jogging,swimming are all cardio. I would do 1 hour of it a day, if possible. Supplementary exercise(like squats) are always nice a... Read More »