I want to remove this guy of of Facebook, but I'm kind of nervous?

Answer You can block them by navigating to the "Report/Block this Person" link at the bottom of their profile page. Once you click this link, check the "Block this person" box and then click "Submit."

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I want to add this girl on facebook but I'm kind of scared?

First message her apologising... And then when she replies.. she'l probably add you herself... if she dont.. then.. add herr .... orr send the frn rqst nd mesage both the same time to her ... bcoz... Read More »

I want to post this picture I edited from Microsoft word onto facebook!!!!!!?

There are a few ways. 1) If you have One Note, click the window symbol on bottom left and "s." When photo pops up, right click on it and save it. The quality won't be that good, though. 2) Clic... Read More »

Why do i get nervous logging on to facebook?

Stop using Facebook?No, but seriously, this is more of a psychological issue than a Facebook issue.

I'm kind of nervous about my first day of school tomorrow :(?

i set my self a target of what i want to have completed by when, it's a good motivator as you tick each task off. example research nutrition - 1/1/09 write up nutrition notes into assignment - 17/1... Read More »