I want to remove aim search from my firefox. How can i do that?

Answer I had the same problem and after searching around for a while, I finally got it. This will work if you've gone to Tools-Add ons- and deleted the aim tool bar.1. open firefox, type in "about:config"... Read More »

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How do I remove bookmarks from the search bar in Firefox 3.0.5?

Locate "Tools" in the browser menu and click, then mouse-over "Options" at the very bottom and select it.Inside of the Options menu, locate the "Privacy" icon at the top and click it. Under Privac... Read More »

How do I remove search history from Firefox?

Clear Individual HistoryLaunch Mozilla Firefox. Navigate to "View", then "Sidebar" and then "History". Firefox will display a history of visited websites in date, site, most visited and last visite... Read More »

How do I remove bing as my default search engine on firefox?

If you want to restore the Google Search (Google search results page), it's very EASY, just follow my directions, and make sure that you DON'T include any quotation marks that you see below, as I a... Read More »

How do I remove auto search from the address bar on Mozilla Firefox?

Internet Keyword SearchIn the address bar (also called location bar), type about:config and press "Enter."WarningThe following warning may appear: "This might void your warranty!" If so, click "I'... Read More »