I want to remove Norton but need a good replacement that is free....?

Answer aol safety and security centre alone---cannot install norton if you get thisthe other best programs are---avg anti-virus 7.5 Read More »

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My norton internet security 2006 is coming to an end, what is a good replacement?

you would be best off just renewing norton (1 year subscription) unless you want to get 2007 versionyou'll be better protected than if you use avg or avast as some suggest.zonealarm is a great fire... Read More »

What's a good anti-virus that i can download for free, except for Norton Anti-virus?

The Best: AVG 8.0 ( Most Effective: Avast 4.8 ( was the only AV program to find 100/100 viruses in the wild (simulated) but Avast has that Pre-Boot sca... Read More »

AVG free edition V NORTON?

Norton security is a system hog. It has like 5 security programs running to 'make' you feel safe. And it pops up more than freakin' necessary - about the random 'Do you want to update?', 'port scan... Read More »

What is better AVG Free or norton internet security?

I have always used Norton and have never had any problems with it. I find it easy to use which makes me feel confident as i know how to use it and am sure it is doing the job properly. I brough m... Read More »