I want to put this name Ряіисє in my fb name but it shows me invalid charactr?

Answer you cant use crazy letters in your name because facebook expects you to always use your real name

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If you want to write your brother name and her wife name in an invitation so wat you will write For example parents as written for mum and papa name?

she can charge $10 an hour, but only if she has a baby sitting certificate. Otherwise, it should be supervised by an adult.

Does this name sound like a good YouTube Channel name?

Doesn't sound entirely right, maybe you could try...SteviesDenStevieDoesVlogsSteviesCornerTheLifeOfStevieSteviesVlogsLibbisVideoDenLibbiDoesVlogsIf not you should stick by it :)

By popular request-Baby Game Name 2, What will you name THIS big family?

Yay! Fun! Okay..1. Shyer one - Nate Alexander Outgoing - Ryan Cohen2. Miah Rose.3. Olivia Paige4. Kyle Saxon5. AW! haha. Girl - Sophia Amelie . Boy - Pierce Cooper. 6. Aimee Alessandra.

What do you think of this name + Baby name game! You're having multiples :)?

I think Ramona is really cute. It's unusual and pretty, it's very similar to one of my favorite names Rowena :) 8/10. BNG ~ I rolled 7! ---- Then I rolled for 3 boys & 4 girls :]I would name them a... Read More »