I want to put a switch on my furnace to turn on my blower.?

Answer Install a second thermostat next to the furnace but only hook up the fan wires. It shouldn't cause a problem with the other thermostat.

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We have central heat and air. Does the furnace blower unit power on for the AC system too or is there a separate blower?

Answer There should be only one blower to move the air. The unit will have a coil for cooling and a heat exchanger.

Furnace Blower keeps running?

Is there a "BLOWER or FAN " switch on your thermostat??? If there is make sure that it is set to off..If not you have a faulty FAN/LIMIT switch..Need a new one..Cost about $35 + install..The fan/ l... Read More »

How do I oil the blower on an electric furnace?

AccessRemove the metal panel below or adjacent to the positive (or outward) air duct, which houses the blower and is typically affixed with Phillips or hexagonal-head screws.Blower ComponentsLocate... Read More »

Furnace Blower Won't Shutoff?

The furnace of your home turns on and off in cycles to prevent energy waste and to keep the house at a consistent temperature. The blower of the furnace draws the warm air created by the furnace bu... Read More »