I want to prevent a pregancy?

Answer Have sex with men instead. S**T babies don't live.

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What week does the 8th month of pregancy start?

The eighth month of pregnancy starts at the 31st week of pregnancy. The eighth-month of pregnancy covers the 31st to 34th week. The baby grows from about 3.5 pounds to five pounds during this time.... Read More »

What are the risks for a insulin dependant pregancy?

During gestational diabetes, the administration of insulin is indicated. The side effects of oral hypoglycemic agents on pregnancy is not well studied.Most women who have gestational diabetes deliv... Read More »

How to Use CountDownToPregnancy.Com to Track Your Pregancy Symptoms?

This free unique online tool enables women to monitor, record, compare and share their very early symptoms each day from conception to testing.

What are State of Indiana Teen Pregancy Laws?

you can never know a hundred percent whether or not you are pregnant without taking a test. however some signs and symptoms could be a good warning for you to take a test.feeling nauseated often ( ... Read More »