I want to "my pad" file explorer for android..plzz give any to dowlload..thnxxxx..!!!?

Answer find it here…

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I Want to support Stopping Animal Cruelty but don't want to give up eating meats What Can I do?

The ASPCA and Humane Society do more to end mistreatment of animals than PETA.However, anyone who really cares about animals will at least make an effort to quit eating meat.

Dora the Explorer want to see pictures?

How to Force Windows Explorer to Start in the Folder You Want?

When you open Windows Explorer, you can set it to open, every time, in any folder that you select.

I want to keep my internet explorer windows maximised?

Close all maximised windows but keep the minimised open.With your mouse, drag each corner to the edge of your monitor, then click on File>>Close.All new windows should then open maximised.