I wan't to make music, and edit music; What to use (Description for detailed)?

Answer Ableton is a Professional Program. I would recommend it because once you learn how to use it the opportunities are endless, it includes tutorials, you can download thousands more tutorials and you ... Read More »

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Can I avoid YouTube taking music off the videos if I were to buy any music or song that I want?

No, not in the way you're saying. Buying a song or music only allows you to play that music for personal use, it doesn't buy any right or permissions to the song, to use it in youtube videos or to ... Read More »

I have music I have purchased through Yahoo Music that I want to downoad on my ipod. It's protected though.?

yes, but it's illegal.Yahoo Music is protected by DRM (digital rights management). Every site has it's own version accept limewire (to prevent illegal file sharing).Napster has its ownZune has its... Read More »

I want to make a youtube account about popular music?

its copyright infringementcopyright literally means the right to copy. That's the record label's right, not oursYou can't just copy the music and say "the music is copyright to (Record label here)"... Read More »

What is the job description of a music director?

Music directors play an important role in radio. Being an "MD" is much more than just listening to cool new music.MusicMusic directors take calls from labels wherein they pitch new music. Once a mu... Read More »