I want to make money quickly,but i don`t know how.?

Answer Plain arrogance - they even voted Alexander Graham Bell one of the Greatest Ever americans despite him having been Scottish.They just love to claim they invented everything.It reminds me of the cha... Read More »

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I want to become a dj but my mum said it sucks and no you dont make any money ! what can i do?

i am a Dj myself. I'm 16. and there is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with being a Dj. but you of course need to have the right equipment to be a good dj. i have 10 speakers, 10 lights, the fog smoke mac... Read More »

Is that book,"nature cures they dont want you to know about" worth buying or is he just trying to make money?

The author has been involved in many fraudulent business dealings and has been fined by the FTC. Read the links below to discover how unhappy many people are with his book and website.

Does using *67 cost money and if so what happens if u dont pay for it?

no, *67 is free...that's the only feature that is totally free with every phone-provider (gov't regulation)!!!

How do I lose weight when I dont have much money?