I want to make ice cubes out of sprite, will it explode or be fine?

Answer Your ice cubes will not explode they will be good. One must never put bottled or canned drinks in a freezer as they will expand and have no where to go except explode the container but ice cubes ar... Read More »

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Does Sprite and Mentos explode?

Mentos and any corbonated beverage will fizz over, similar reaction to when a soda is opened after being shaken. More 'explosive' if cap is closed as soon as mentos have been inserted into beverage... Read More »

How much robitussin do you put in sprite to make dirty sprite?

type in this website for information pertinent to your

Can anybody help me with finding the sprite that I want?

Here, I made one: tried to put it into the same basic format that your original image had, with one exception: Your sprites were antialiased for a blue background, wh... Read More »

Will a biodigester explode?

A biodigester, a container for catching methane gas produced during the anaerobic processing of organic material, can explode without proper pressure regulation of the methane. An explosion can be... Read More »