I want to make a facebook help!!?

Answer this site, it has helped me when I was in the same situation as you. If you follow all of the instructions, it should be easy to do.

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HELP! i really want a facebook but.....?

I was in the same situation. I told my parents that my best friend had my mother let me get one. Facebook is totally different from Myspace and it is MUCH safer! I LOVE Facebook. Just make ... Read More »

I have an iphone 4 and i want to sunc facebook friends numbers to my contacts list help?

Log onto your facebook on your phone if you use app, you can do that by settings

I Really Want To Make A Facebook?

Facebook help - since Facebook doesn't have an adequate help desk?

That is facebook's antispam feature thinking you are doing something wrong. What applications do you use? Do you send out a lot of invitations or messages to people using one of those apps?I did so... Read More »