I want to lose 30lbs asap!?

Answer start going for walks. eat lots of low fat yogurt, cucumber, drink lemon water, green tea. drink milk daily too but not too much. and LOTS OF BLUEBERRIES!** at least a handful a day. they're the fr... Read More »

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How can i lose weight if i love food i want to lose at least 30lbs.?

weight watchers you can eat what you want but it teaches u moderation

How can I lose over 30lbs in a month?

go on the biggest a fat march....cut off a leg...idk more seriously...try going for a good run every morning you'd be amazed what that will healthier...everyone says eat 6-8 sma... Read More »

Flashing lights in vision Help ASAP- I'll lose my friend if i don't tell my mom by 10 PM!!!?

Tell your Mom! Now! Flashing lights can mean anything from a migraine to a torn or detached retina. Very serious.

60 yo man, fast pulse, heart palpatations, 30lbs over weight?

I guess it is arrhythmia....Tachycardia, it depends on his "T" wave analysis. It can be Ventricular Tachycardia.