I want to lighten my hair a few shades?

Answer There is such things as bleachless lightners. You put it on like a hairdye and it will lift your hair color without damaging it. They sell cheap box ones at Walmart. Make sure it says bleachless an... Read More »

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Highlight Shades for Brunettes Who Want to go Light?

Adding highlights to hair can soften your look, draw attention to facial features and make dull hair come to life. Brunettes can choose highlights in a range of shades of blond, red or lighter shad... Read More »

Do dark shades or light shades repel heat better?

Light shades repel heat better than dark shades. Dark colors absorb light and convert it into heat. Light colors reflect the light, so much less of it is converted into heat.References:Munsell Colo... Read More »

Shades drawn or shades closed What is more economical?

Different Shades of Color for Hair?

Different shades of color for hair range from jet black to iron grey and snow white. Add to this the popularity of wild hair colors like pink or purple, and hair color becomes even more diverse in... Read More »