I want to learn to be bulimic...?

Answer Dumbest thing I've ever heard. Ever heard of eating right and good exercise? That won't help you lose weight in 4-5 days obviously but it will be a better habbit than being bulimic. It'll ruin your... Read More »

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I want to become bulimic, then i want to quit when i look thin enough.?

You are at risk for bulimia nervosa. It is not something that you could easily get out of once you start doing it, contrary to what you have been thinking. It is a very psychological condition, as ... Read More »

I want to Learn Java,?

Good for you. You want the latest javaSE. You need the JDK -- Java Development Kit. I recommend the NetBeans IDE to help you code correctly. Read the Sun tutorials "Getting Started". And here is a ... Read More »

I am seventy-six and I want to learn how to use the computer.?

Good for you!!! Practice, practice, practice and show no fear of the computer.Start by talking to your kids, grandkids, friends and other senior computer users. Join a computer club, take a night... Read More »

How to Learn to Wait for What You Want?

Have something that you really want to happen? Do you really want to become famous or just buy something you want? Be patient, it'll come