I want to know which graphic card suit for my pentium(r) dual core e5200 @2.50ghz?

Answer Seeing as the CPU has little to do with game performance ( RAM and GPU are most important ) you can go for something like a GTX 560ti. It's not top of the range but not in the poor performance rang... Read More »

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How to Activate a E5200 Dual Core Processor?

The E5200 is an Intel processor that runs at 2.5GHz and contains two individual cores, giving it the label of a "dual-core" processor. Activate this clip by installing it to your computer and power... Read More »

Will radeon hd 7750 work on Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5200 @ 2.50GHz?

the question is not whether it will work on your cpu or not, its whether it will work on your motherboard and psu or not. check your motherboard to see if it has a pcie x16,x8,or even x4.if it does... Read More »

SPEC OF SYSTEM -Acer Aspire 5250 -AMD Dual Core Processor E-350 -4GB DDR3 memory -AMD Radeon HD 6310 (graphic?

try getting a solid state drive as your primary drive. I think it's lagging because you have a normal spinning disk drive (HDD) and it takes a while for everything to load when you boot up.

I am going to buy a graphic card for my pc and that one is Nvidia GeForce 520GT please tell me will it suit me?

A 275W power supply is fine for the GeForce GT 520 (which is a low power consumption card often used in slimline computers with 225 watt power supplies). The GT 520 only draws 31 watts maximum.How... Read More »