I want to know what do you need to be a childcare provider at my house!?

Answer People who watch children in their home, as a business, are usually called family child care providers. Whether you need to be licensed, certified or maybe no regulations at all will depend on what... Read More »

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Household Childcare Provider Job Description?

Household childcare providers are often referred to as nannies or babysitters. They usually care for children in the comfort of the employer's home. They may be employed to care for children after ... Read More »

I'm a daycare care provider and I would love to offer childcare classes for the caregivers?

I would think if you want to offer credits, you'd have to be affiliated with a local university or community college. Ask your licensing agency. But also, see if there are any Conference in your ... Read More »

Does anyone know a wifi provider that i dont need to get cable or phone service?

The simplest way to get WiFi is to sign up with a cable or phone company and lease their WiFi enabled equipment. However you don't want to go that route. So what is left is signing up with a wire... Read More »

I want to migrate to Australia,My friend wants to sponsor me.I want to know which kind of documents do i need?

Nobody can sponsor you.Friends can't sponsor anyone. Employers can only sponsor people who have qualifications and experience in skilled occupations that are listed as being in need of workers. Eve... Read More »